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Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Genetic Engineering

IGPGE is a M.S. and Ph. D. degree-granting educational program of Seoul National University. IGPGE emphasizes not only basic questions about how living systems work but also the practical applications to the real world of the knowledge and materials obtained from investigation. The research and educational philosophy of IMBG and IGPGE is based on the belief that the distinction between basic and applied science is becoming virtually non-existent, especially in molecular biology, and also that the 21st century will be the era of biosciences and biotechnology as much as this 20th century has been the age of physics and computer-related sciences.

Unlike other conventional graduate programs in Korea in which students suffer from the undeservedly large number of course requirements, the core course work for the entire graduate work in IGPGE (leading to Ph.D.) is designed to be completed in three semesters. Other optional courses will be taken in consultation with advisors. After the course work, the major emphasis will be given to research. Currently, the number of Ph.D. students can be accepted to the Program is limited, so prospective graduate students should contact the individual faculty member of his/her interest prior to formal application, regarding the availability of space and financial aid. Thanks to the international open-door policy of Seoul National University, students of almost any foreign country can also apply to this program. The number of foreign students that we can accept is not limited at present, but prospective international students should write to faculty members of their research interest before submitting formal application. All foreign students should be fluent in Korean, as all the courses are given in Korean. Alternatively, students can be accepted contingent upon their learning the language during the first year. IGPGE is effectively run by IMBG faculty members. All graduate students enrolling the program work at the Institute.

If you have questions, please contact at:

IGPGE Office
Bldg. 105 Rm. 109
Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Seoul National University
Daehak-dong, Gwanak-Gu
Seoul, Korea, 151-742
Phone: (82)-2-880-5491
Fax: (82)-2-874-1206


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